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The first ever Botox™ only bar. Botox™ injections the way you want it, when you want it, at the price you want it.

A Botox™ only medical destination for the skincare savvy. Whether you have been doing Botox™ “forever” or are finally ready for your first time, we cater to your needs.  Our skilled MD’s, PA’s and RN’s have been trained to the highest standards to deliver the best Botox™ ever.  And at the SKN BAR price of $14/unit , it's a low price, everytime.

No gimmicks, no upselling, just perfect Botox™ injections, everytime


For Dark Circle and Fine Lines

If the skin under and around your eyes needs brightening & tightening, this cream contains arnica, vitamin K, retinol, peptides and 90% green tea polyphenol antioxidants to help. Let this rich formula soften these signs of aging at home.

Apply around the eyes 1-2x per day.

.5fl oz (15ml) of eye brightening & tightening.

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Elite Wedding Collection: Dr. Vicki Rapaport: Photofacials

Want to give your skin a completely fresh start before the wedding? Get a photofacial, says Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Dr. Vicki Rapaport. :Photofacials soften the age spots and sun damage seen even in young brides-to-be and make the skin evenly toned and glowing for the big day. They should really be called 'photomiracles." What else should brides know about this innovative procedure? Here, Rapaport, creator of SKN BAR, shares the ins and outs.